Gurus and end-of-year musings

As the year winds down, one thing that I’ve noticed this past year is so many people describing themself as a marketing “expert”. Not so long ago, one didn’t proclaim oneself an expert; That was left to industry peers. I’ve also being hearing more about marketing “guru’s” – What is a guru anyway?

It seems to me that professing oneself an expert or guru demeans the central point behind doing it in the first place … external recognition of one’s superior grasp of an industry, techniques or tools.

Some time ago, I went through an exercise to understand why someone would want to hire me (personally) and then use me in a trusted situation (such as working with their clients and prospective clients). Out of that process I made up a little card that I still carry around to this day to remind me of these things. I have many things on that card, but certainly characteristics such as passion for my work, humour in challenging situations, excellence in communicating, superb customer service, ethical and crediblity are some of the personal character goals that I set for myself. Now, as with any goal, I’ll be the first to stay that they are not *always” achieved EVERY day, but if one doesn’t have goals, then what can we strive for?

I wish you a happy holiday season; I look forward to speaking with you in the new year.