DIY Application Development

So you have a great idea for an App? And now you want to build it.

You have two options:

  1. Save money by building it yourself, or at least doing as much as you can within your skills set.
  2. Hiring a qualified person to design and build it for you.

This article introduces the concepts and high level workflow of creating an App, and walks you some of the many concepts and issues to be addressed getting your App onto the market.

1. Validate Your Idea

Before you begin, examine whether you have:
• Clearly identified the value of your app.
• Clearly identified your target audience.
• Clearly identified your solution and its value.

Not sure how?

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2. Spec It Out

You need to decide on the design and technical specs of your app. What about the UX and UI design? Which platforms? How will it make you money?

There are so many things to consider. Luckily, I have some detailed guidelines for you.

Read the Guidelines

3. Develop a Prototype & Test it

Prototyping allows you to visually ‘play’ with your ideas and concepts, while providing invaluable feedback. Not sure how to build a prototype?

Ideas on creating a Prototype

4. Build your App

This is where you finally turn your dream into a reality.


5. Support your App

The App is ready to go. This is what you need to generate revenue.

Considerations to generating income with your App