How do I work?

Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting will allow each us to evaluate each other to see if we can work together.

My initials goals are to evaluate your product strengths and waeknesses, and determine if I can provide benefit to your goals. I will ask lots of questions, and will not come to a judgement about your goals and product, as this would likely be done later, as we work together.  My goal is simply to explain to you what I can do, and then explain to you about how (if) I can assist you.

I will be cordial, direct and professional.

On-going Working Relationship

If you decide that you’d like to work together, we will mutually decide on the next steps.

In all cases, my work with you will be confidential at all times, unless disclosed to you in advance.


Every situation is different, but generally speaking, I recognize that every company is at a different stage when it comes to generating revenue.  So we will discuss the difference between earned income and payment. In other words, there are different flexible ways to pay for services rendered.

What type of projects do you work on?

Generally speaking, the work that I do falls into the following categories:

  1. Working with early stage companies in creating new technology applications designing or developing a new application or platform for their industry or sector.
  2. Working with mature companies creating a new application or platform in a new industry or sector.
  3. Working with existing applications or platforms that are not living up to requirements, or otherwise not able to be deployed for produciton purposes.

There are always exceptions to the above, so feel free to contact me about your project.