Let Inspiration Strike

What if you want to create an app but have no ideas? Is it possible to prompt a mobile app idea? It’s time to get inspired. The best ideas come from facing obstacles, rather than relying on them to emerge forth from freedom.

Here are some ways to spark your imagination:

  • What annoys you on a daily basis. How can it be fixed?

  • What are your favourite apps? Why do they annoy you?

  • Give yourself 5 minutes to list as many ideas as possible. It doesn’t matter if they sound ridiculous. When the timer rings, stop everything and see whether there is anything of merit.

One of the best approaches that I’ve used is to keep pen + paper, or a handy note taking app on your phone to write down the inevitable situation where I am looking for some information and cannot easily find it during a search.  If you are serious about this, you will have to discipline yourself to stay alert to new ideas. It won’t be long before you have more than you can use.

Once you’ve come up with a list of possible ideas, write down each of the corresponding problems you would be solving by having your app built. If you are not clear on what problem your idea would solve, then get rid of it — if you cannot explain it to yourself, no one else will understand it either.

Initial considerations might include:

  1. Is this a business to business or business to consumer application?
  2. Can you define the initial target market(s)? Can you identify with their needs for this app?
  3. Do you have a sense of the competition?

If you have a kernel of an idea and want to discuss it confidentially, contact me.  I do this a lot with new clients, and we generally come up with improvements that will work in the market.