Why you need a technical co-founder

In a city with so many startups with good ideas, I question why so few software startups don’t have a technical co-founder? Over the past few weeks, I have seen several good ideas where the business will likely flounder because the founder either has not been able to find a technical person to work with them on a regular basis, or is unwilling to part with equity or the details of the ‘good’ idea. If this is you, WAKE UP!

If you don’t have someone else who can make your vision a reality, it’s time to consider whether you have a business to start with. If you are not willing to explain it to another person because you fear that they will take it and build it themself, then you are underestimating your role and the work that you have already put into the idea. And the amount of work required to get it to market.

Experience tells me that if you are thinking about the idea now, then others are already doing the same with a competitive concept. A good business idea requires solid execution and marketing, and if you cannot get another person to work with you, tick this off now as another good idea that didn’t make it.

Where do you find an enlightened and experienced technical co-founder? The good news is that software and application development industry is like the goldrush that swept California and the Yukon territory over 100 years ago. There are a lot of people participating, or wanting to participate.

The bad news is that there are a lot of people who want to participate and don’t have the skills or experience to know what is needed, or how to structure a working relationship.

To locate a technical co-founder, you can visit one fo the forums dedicated to this task (i.e. Angel List), speak to recruiters (if you have the money available), and vist a meetup in your area. If you’re not technically knowledge to ask the deep questions, find a consultant who can help you through the process.

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