My Story

Soon after graduating from university in real estate studies, Tim found himself working for a growing software company called Consumers Software Inc. (CSI). CSI had developed Network Courier, the first PC-based email system. As part of the sales team, Tim managed the North American retailers generating significant revenue. The company was sold to Microsoft Corp., who were then developing Microsoft Exchange.

Tim worked with Microsoft Corp. as a Product Evangelist to train and work between the product development teams, sales teams, and large Fortune 100 clients in the US and UK to implement the newly renamed PC Mail and, later, MS Exchange.

After leaving Microsoft, Tim formed a successful consulting and software development company, which was sold four years later. Over the intervening years, Tim has worked in numerous capacities, including business development, project management, product management, company director and business owner in senior roles and numerous markets.

Since 2007, Tim has worked with business owners on nearly 100 projects to define software and application strategy, design and manage development, increase the value of product companies in their markets, and define formalized processes to drive product management deliverables.

Tim has seen the failures of a poor product design, development or implementation up-front, and wants to work with product companies to create high growth strategic results with new and remediated applications.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys time with his three beautiful sons, and the  beauty, water and mountains of his home province of British Columbia. Tim enjoys numerous sports (soccer, bicycling, hiking, sailing, flying) and volunteers with the young children of Scouts Canada to share his passion of being outdoors and learning vital social skills.