Technology Leadership

Technology leadership is critical to any product company. By performing product management, creating product roadmaps based on data driven decision-making, managing associated build and deployment budgets, developing and managing appropriate teams, and developing product driven revenue streams, your business improves the likelihood of eventual success.

Tim acts as a senior technology leader for new (technology) applications.

Product Visioning / Ideation

Conceptualizing and building on your ideas with an experienced app product manager means that your product considers broader functionality, wider adoption, and improved revenue streams. This includes looking at product ideation from business strategy and operational perspectives, to understand the implications of the ideas and product vision.

Product Design

For an application to be successful, wireframes and mockups are only the beginning. It takes an foundational development architecture underpinning the user interface. The user interface is the side of the building; the architecture defines the foundation and structure of your application. So getting an architect to comprehensively design it improves the odds of eventual success of your application.

Product Management

Product Management may include Product Marketing and Product Development, each with a series of considerations and tasks. A sense of the complexity of Product Management is here.

Tim acts as a senior product owner to examine technology functional and delivery capabilites, pricing and billing analysis, business situation and positioning, product roadmaps, competitive offerings, and team leadership.

Project Management

Because every product build includes numerous tasks, there are certain skills that are implicit with every project:

  • Process Management
  • Process Creation
  • Overall Organization for Projects
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Client Management
  • Documentation
  • Timelines + Schedules
  • Budget Analysis
  • Resourcing
  • Vendor Selection + Management
  • Status Reporting

Application Remediation

A poorly or incorrect designed and implement application costs money and market acceptance. If your application has issues originating from a previous design/build, such as it cannot scale to accept more users, is slow or otherwise not working to performance requirements, or is not achieving market acceptance due to a poor user experience, application remediation is a process to redesign your application using as much of the current code base as possible, to address the issues and build for the future.