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What is the difference between "Business Support", "Operational Support" and "Strategy" ?

Over the years, we have been hired to do work that broadly fit into these three ‘scope’. The general parameters are:

  1. type of work usually begins with a  more time-limited project, then moving through a broader scope of work and timeframe.
  2. delivery period.
  3. overall value to your business, resolving a specific issue through to helping you guide your entire business over a longer timeframe.


How Do You Work?

While every engagement is unique, there is a multi-step process that starts with a Discovery phase. We keep this as unobtrusive and engaging as possible.

We share the milestones, future timelines and associated costs at completion of the Discovery phase.  You can decide then if/how you wish to proceed. It’s that simple.

One of our fundamental values is around accountability. We typically have weekly update meetings, for all parties to share what they have done and assign new ‘homework’.


What type of Projects have you worked on?

A brief description of our technology management consulting projects range includes:

  • in-depth reviews of websites  with complex dataflows (eg. ecommerce or data integration to legacy systems) ;
  • application design and product management;
  • identifying  gaps or problems and designing fixes to applications that are not working as expected
  • researching and designing corporate data architectures;
  • researching and recommending software for your business.

This is a very brief summary so contact us if you have a question.

Where Do You Work?

We are based on the West Coast of North America, and are able to work almost anywhere remotely.